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SXSW Film Festival

Poster Series

Designed a conceptual poster to encourage people to visit and promote South by Southwest Film Festival.


My process began by researching Mario Pricken's methodology for producing ideas, an excerpt from his book Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World's Best Campaign's. I began drawing thumbnails using these methods to start up ideas while also studying the SXSW letterforms in different typefaces.


After studying Pricken's methodologies, I leaned towards the omission and suggestion technique the most. SXSW over the years has become a notable conglomerate of music, interactive media, and film festivals and conferences, making their logo widely known. I wanted to remove all unnecessary information of a poster and create a poster series to emphasize what the film festival is all about.

I combined their arrow icon and a film that is greatly known for their success and influence in film history. This technique is meant to have viewers interact with the half-toned screen grab of the film on the poster and question the value of work in these films, and suggest that these values are also picked and shown in the SXSW Film Festival. It also an homage to people who work in film and to general viewers who really understand and value their work, whether it's their way of telling a story or their techniques.