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Tech & Arte Conference


Technarte is a Conference where international artists and technologists show the most innovative artistic disciplines that use the technology as means of creation. This union between art and technology generates new recognized fields, like nano-art, 3D printing, interactive installations, art & robotics, bio-art, immersive 3D development, mobile art, smart materials and hyper-augmented reality, among others. The main goal of Technarte is to present the technological developments which facilitate the full expression of the modern art, and to be a forum of discussion and reflection around the existent convergence between art and technology.


It’s been around for nearly fifteen years, getting more recognition and prominent artists, but its had the same design since the beginning. In contrasts to competitors and objective, their brand lacks of innovation, and its visually outdated in terms of the median between art and technology.

Brand Objective

The goal with rebranding the Tech & Arte conference is to visually bridge its brand with their goal of uniting art and technology and recognizing the new fields that stem from it. By visually showcasing the convergence between art and technology, it will attract more people from different disciplines, and provide a more memorable experience.

View full research here.    View presentation slides here.

New Identity

Bizkaia Aretoa is a convention center in Bilboa, Spain right across the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. The conference has taken place here since it started in 2007, playing a critical role in the experience of the conference, thus becoming an integral part of the conference’s new identity.


IBM Plex Sans and Mono is the new typeface for IBM worldwide, designed the their own Brand and Experience team. This friendly, Grotesque typeface illustrates and balances the unique relationship found between engineers and artists. From coding to designing, both parties are drawn and familiar to this type of typography.

The sans family is used for the majority of the brand including headlines, body copy, etc., and the monospace family is used for smaller, detailed text

Color Scheme

Inspired by the simplicity of grids, binary code, and Spain, these colors were chosen to highlight the flexibility and potential found in art and technology


Designed to be simple and immersive, the Tech & Arte website emulates the innovative projects being shown at the conference. By doing so, we provide the audience a glimpse of what the conference is all about, combining graphics and experiences found within both engineers and artists.

Conference Badge

The badge is designed simple enough to catch the viewer’s eye with the person’s name, logo, and title. The lines provide a sense of movement found within the brand and website, and the hint of color helps the flow of hierarchy. There are two types of badges—speaker and attendee—with the schedule on the back.

Conference Program

The conference program includes the attendee’s or speaker’s badge, about the conference, and a brief description of all the speakers and talks. This provides the same experience found in their website to print, and serves as a souvenir.

Presentation Graphics

These simple, straight-to-the point graphics catch the viewers eye, but aren’t too distracting. While still keeping with the brand, these graphics would be displayed to present speakers and animate throughout the talk regularly.