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Long-term goal: Design an e-commerce website to establish Wado as a sustainable sneaker store ready for the market, and to ecourage companies and consumers to transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

List of Sprint Questions. How might we fail?

  • Website doesn’t have friendly user experience
  • People don’t understand the brand, how is it sustainable?
  • Not encouraging enough for users to buy
  • Consumer doesn’t trust brand compares to Adidas, Nike, etc.
  • Not enough awareness on how unssutainable fashion is in general
  • Users usually don’t buy shoes online
  • Sizing issues
  • Shipping issues 

Notes from Wado’s Kickstarter Livestream

  • In a year from now, Wado sees themselves still developing sneakers with more recycable materials and new designs. Maybe a range of different products like bags for hiking, etc. but mainly focusing on shoes.
  • After kickstarter, going to indiegogo and use ecommerce there.
  • Have been contacted by retailers around the world to ask t sell them. Wull develop a structure after kickstarter.
  • Main backers of the projects have been Germany, Europe, Switzerland, US, more than Spain (original from)
  • Origins of Wado started about a year ago, thinking about sneakers and planting trees. Saw examples in Canada/US, wanted to bring it to Spain.
  • Have made more than 15 protypes
  • Inspired by Stranger Things, Rebooks, team was born in 1989


Ads > Website > Learn about brand > Buy > Learn about ways to help promote sustainability


  • Introduce brand and partnership
  • Introduce shoe and colors
  • Show production of shoe and factories
  • New upcoming products

Quick Sketches


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