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Branding + UI/UX

BookPeople has been the leading independent bookstore in Texas since 1970. Located in the heart of downtown, BookPeople has been voted best bookstore in Austin for over 15 years. BookPeople was voted Bookstore of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly in 2005. With visits from some of the most interesting and important authors of the past 43 years, as well as by former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, BookPeople is the destination book-store in Texas.

Brand Problem

Brand feels outdated, and can potentially lose customers over time because of it. BookPeople prides itself over being the best independent bookstore; however, the store and online shopping experience lacks in comparison to its competitors.

Brand Objective 

By modernizing the logo and brand, BookPeople will be able to target a younger audience, provide a good shopping experience both in-person and online, and ultimately establish its credibility as a brand.

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App Objective

Design an app using the same design language system that shares the same experience as desktop for customers who are on-the-go to keep up with the latest community events and book releases while allowing them to easily purchase and read a book in the palm of their hands.