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Redesigned the fashion search engine app that allows users to search by brand, season, city, trend, color, fabric, and style of every look from every runway show around the globe year long.

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Branding + UI/UX
Rebranded the largest independent bookstore in Texas to provide an enhanced shopping expereince both in-person and online, ultimately establishing its credibility as a brand.

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Tech & Arte Conference

Branding + UI/UX
Rebranded the Technarte conference to visually bridge its brand with their goal of uniting art and technology to recognize new fields that stem from such union.

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Codex 2017

Event Website
Redesigned  an event site for CODEX, a book fair and symposium held in California.

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Words Are the New Black

Exhibition Catalog
This exhibition catalog gathers works by more than a dozen fashion designers from their most recent collection that effectively expressed a political statement during their runway presentation.

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Untitled (November 28, 2017)

Digital Photography
Inspired by Mikayla Whitmore’s There Is No Right Time, I aimed to emulate the sensation of isolation & freedom found in the facades of buildings and structures while still integrating some sense of interconnectivity.

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Calvin Klein 205W39NY


Reimagining the CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC SPRING 2018 RUNWAY SHOW with the original depictions of “an American nightmare and the all-powerful American dream” found in cinema through hands-on manipulation—printing, scanning, and exposing.

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Designed for Discovery


Advertising research and solutions of the App Store to provide users a new perspective on how they perceive the app and their experience with it and games included.

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Waterfront Bakery


SXSW Film Festival

Poster Series

Designed a conceptual poster to encourage people to visit and promote South by Southwest Film Festival.

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