Tagwalk is a fashion search engine that allow users to search by brand, season, city, trend, color, fabric, and/or style of every look from every runway show around the globe year long. Each event, designers present hundreds of runway shows totaling many thousands of looks. Users can keep up-to-date with the latest while being able to create mood-boards for projects, inspiration, etc. and share it.

It was created by Alexandra Van Haute, a former Vogue assistant, to take away the pain out of research and help the industry players do their job more efficient. They describe themselves as a neutral source and in three words: fashion, simplicity, and rapidity.

Current website: 


The UX of the mobile website of Tagwalk isn’t as efficient as it is in desktop and it’s holding back the potential of this researching tool the targeted users who are mostly on-the-go and not tied to a desk at all times.

Designing a mobile app for Tagwalk that can be efficiently used on-the-go can increase efficiency for people in
the industry who can quickly research and/or gather
the latest or previous looks, potentially increasing their number of users.


  • Fashion assistants

  • Stylists

  • Journalists

  • Trend Influencers

  • Fashion School Students

  • Buyers

  • Merchandisers

  • Fashion Designers

  • Photographers

Job Roles in Fashion

I. Stylists
Select clothing and accesories for published editorial features, print or television advertising videos, performances, and public appearances. Part of a larger team assembled by a client, collaborates with designers, photographers, directors, hairstylists, etc. Must have a passion for fashion and keen eye, keep up with latest fashion trends, be familair with a full range of labels, understand relationship between body and clothing, highly organized, ability to work to a schedule, self-motivated and trustworthy.

II. Fashion journalists
Reports the latest fashion trends by writing articles, blogs, or other forms of copy for multiple outlets. Work published for magazines, newspapers, websites, social media channels, blogs, and/or television. Large portion of the job is doing research rather than writing such as interviews, fact-checking, and attending events. Assigned weekly subjects, or pitch a new idea.

III. Fashion designer
Curates clothing and accesory designs for high street fashion, ready-to-wear outlets, and special markets such as couture. Responsible for creation of designs concepts translated to garments, analyze fashion trends, attenting rynway shows, develop moodboards to illustrate themes, create new sketches and prototypes, and complete business, marketing, and supervising tasks.

Competitor Analysis

I. Vogue Runway
Unlimited access to fashion shows, latest Ready-To-Wear, couture, resort, pre-fall, and menswear collections in New York, Milan, Paris, and more — within minutes. Features include archive of shows, reviews, bookmarks, videos, street style, and beauty coverage. Features app lacks that Tagwalk include search functionality by brand, season, city, trend, color, fabric =, or style.

Empathy map

I. What does she do?

  • Select clothing and accessories for editorial features and print

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends

  • Keep track of marketplace, see what influencers are wearing, and what are some up and coming designers

  • Traveling, talking on the phone, and schedule A LOT

  • Creates moodboards for projects and reports

  • Looks at what other stylists are working on, loving, etc. on social media

II. How does she feel?

  • Impatient

  • Frustrated

  • Tired

  • Pressured

  • Rushed

  • Passionate

  • Eager

  • Curious

  • Productive

III. What does she think?

  • I need more time for myself

  • Would like to know more about specific designer they’re gathering looks from

  • Would like to save a look without creating a moodboard/ keep up with news, trends, etc. on the go

IV. What does she say?

  • “What are journalists saying about this trend/collection/look?”

  • “Mobile website isn’t as fast as in desktop.”

  • “What are other stylists (“tagwalkers”) looking at?”

  • “There’s so many similar collections and looks in a year, how am I going to sort them out?”

View research slides here.