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Each event, designers present hundreds of runway shows totaling many thousands of looks. This app allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest while being able to create mood-boards for projects, inspiration, etc. and share it. It was created by Alexandra Van Haute, a former Vogue assistant, to take away the pain out of research and help the industry players do their job more efficient. They describe themselves as a neutral source and in three words: fashion, simplicity, and rapidity.


The UX of the mobile website/app of Tagwalk isn’t as efficient as it is in desktop and it’s holding back the potential of this researching tool from users who are mostly on-the-go and not tied to a desk at all times.

App Objective

Designing a mobile app for Tagwalk that can be efficiently used on-the-go can increase efficiency for people in the industry who can quickly research and/or gather the latest and previous looks
View research here.